Washington, CT

Who Can Vote

In General Elections To vote here in an election (for municipal, state or national office), you must be registered to vote in the Town of Washington. To vote as a Democrat in a primary or election, you must register at least two weeks before Election Day.

To register you must:

  1. be a United States citizen;
  2. a bone fide resident of the Town of Washington;
  3. at least 18 years old (17-year-olds who will turn 18 by Election Day may register up to 180 days before Election Day); and
  4. if previously convicted of a felony, have completed confinement and parole.

Election Day Photo I.D.

On Election Day, voters will be asked to provide a photo I.D. to confirm their identity. A driver’s license with photo on it will suffice. If a valid license is unavailable, voters can fill in a form that will be given to them at the check-in desk at Town Hall. A United State passport or Social Security card may be substituted for a driver’s license.

At Referendums

To vote at a referendum, one must be either (1) registered to vote in the Town of Washington or (2) a United States citizen, who is at least 18 years old, and owns property in Town assessed at $1,000 or more in the most recent grand tax assessment list (Grand List). One may be a registered voter elsewhere but still vote at a referendum if one owns the necessary level of property here. One may also apply for an absentee ballot, for a referendum. Referendums are announced in Voices, the local, twice-weekly newspaper.

Voters at referendums must provide the same form(s) of identification required at general elections (see above).

At Town Meetings

The qualifications for voting at Town Meetings are the same as for referendums (see above). Unlike referendums, however, there are no absentee ballots; one may only vote in person.

At Democratic Caucus

To vote at a Democratic caucus, you must be registered to vote as a Democrat in the Town of Washington. Candidates for Washington elective office (such as Board of Selectmen and various boards and commissions) are selected at a July caucus held in odd-numbered years. Democratic Town Committee members are elected at a January caucus held in even-numbered years. Convention delegates are selected at a spring caucus held in even-numbered years.