Washington, CT

Where to Vote

Where to Vote

In general elections (for municipal, state, and national offices), the Town of Washington has just one polling place for all of its five villages—that is, Washington Depot, Washington Green, New Preston, Woodville, and Marbledale. It is in Bryan Memorial Town Hall, which is located on Bryan Plaza, across the parking lot from the Washington Food Market. The telephone number of the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall is: (860) 868-2786.

Voting also occurs at Town Hall during Town Meetings. Washington is among the small number of Connecticut towns that are governed by town meetings, where Washington taxpayers form the Town’s legislative body. At these Town Hall meetings, many key issues are debated and voted on, such as adoption of new Town ordinances; amendments to existing ones; and special funding appropriations for items not included in the budget. Town Meetings are announced in Voices, the local twice-weekly newspaper, at least five days beforehand.

Voting on various Town referendums also occurs in Town Hall on issues such as the adoption of a proposed Region 12 school budget.

Voting at Democratic Party caucuses is often held in Town Hall. If a different location is chosen, it will be announced in advance in Voices.