Washington, CT

July Caucus Elects 2019 Candidates

7/27/2019 |


More than 30 Democrats attended the July 16, 2019 Caucus. In the absence of Peter Armstrong, Chair of the Committee, Matt Cain conducted the meeting. Members of the Commission noted that those nominated represent a talented, dedicated and experienced group of individuals. They were elected unanimously.

The Slate of Nominees is as follows:

POSITION                                                      NOMINEE

First Selectman                                             Michelle Gorra

Selectman                                                     Jay Hubelbank

Board of Finance                                           Ted Bent, Matt Cain

Zoning Commission                                       Janet Hill

Zoning Board of Appeals                               Peter Bowman, Bob Weber, Bill Farrell

Alternate Zoning Board of Appeals                John Doherty

Assessment Board of Appeals                       Kevin Comer



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