Washington, CT

April, May 2012 - Monthly Update

2012 ELECTION CAMPAIGNS HEATING UP! PRESIDENTIAL: SANTORUM WITHDRAWS FROM THE PRIMARY RACE LEAVING ROMNEY AS THE PUTATIVE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT! Although Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul insist they will stay the course until the Republican convention in August, neither can realistically challenge Romney, so it's Obama vs. Romney for President and the battle lines are now clearly drawn. Hours after Santorum's announcement, Karl Rove teamed up with the Koch Brothers to launch a $1.7 million SuperPAC ad buy attacking President Obama in key battle-ground states, just a taste of the negative media deluge sure to drench all of us over the next six months and a heads up to each of us that this critical election will be a true test of Democratic commitment and participation in organization, support, and volunteerism at every campaign level: national, state, and local. CONGRESSIONAL: CONNECTICUT CONVENTIONS IN MAY PRIMARIES ON AUGUST 14 The 2012 Connecticut election for United States Senate will be held on Tuesday, November 6 in conjunction with the 2012 U.S. presidential election,other elections to the United States Senate in other states, as well as elections to the United States House of Representatives, and various state and local elections. Primaries for the Republican and Democratic parties will take place on Tuesday, August 14. Incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent who caucuses with the Democratic Party, announced he would retire rather than run for re-election to a fifth term. Currently, declared Connecticut Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate seat (click on links for more information) include: Susan Bysiewicz former Connecticut Secretary of State Chris Murphy U. S. Representative for Connecticut's 5th congressional district, serving since 2007 Mathew Oakes former nurse's aide; retail worker Sylvester Salcedo attorney William Tong member, Connecticut House of Representatives first elected in November 2006; represents 147th district Lee Whitnum Anti-AIPAC activist and software engineer Currently, declared Connecticut Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 5th District (click on links for more information) include: Chris Donovan Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives Elizabeth Esty former State Representative Daniel Roberti Randy Yale Incumbent Democrat Chris Murphy, who has represented our 5th district since 2007, announced that he will not seek re-election for a fourth term. Instead, he will run for the U.S. Senate to replace Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman, who will be retiring. On the state level, Democratic conventions take place in May and your Washington Democratic Town Committee has been busy preparing for them. Each declared candidate (Donovan, Esty, Roberti, Yale, and Murphy) visited the WTDC at one of our last two meetings, during which time each spoke at length and answered our questions about their positions, background, experience, qualifications, and political goals if they were elected. The WDTC held its Caucus on March 29 and elected the following members as delegates to the upcoming Democratic conventions in May (see list below). State Convention: May 12 WDTC delegates: Zach Goodyear, Frances Owles, Ralph Averill Goal: choose candidate for U.S. Senate, elect DNC members, make any changes to the party rules if indicated Congressional Conventions: May 14, 2012 WDTC delegates: Joan Kaplan, Peter Talbot, Ralph Averill Goal: endorse candidates for United States House of Representatives State Senate: Conventions May 21, 2012 WDTC delegates: Kerry O'Toole, Joan Kaplan, Chris Charles Goal: endorse candidates for State Senate State House Convention: May 22 - May 29 WDTC delegates: Kerry O'Toole, Frances Owles, Chris Charles Goal:endorse candidates Municipal Offices WDTC Alternates to any convention if needed: John Millington and Mike Sivick CLOSER TO HOME: LOCAL NEWS PETER TALBOT: NEWEST WDTC BOARD MEMBER Peter Talbot was elected as our newest Board member during the March 29 meeting. We are delighted to have him on "our team" with much appreciation for his many years of past dedication and contribution to our community. As head of the award-wining architectural firm he founded in 1989 and based in Washington, Peter has studied and practiced environmentally sustainable architecture for more than three decades. In addition to his private clients, his firm works with municipalities, including historic districts, to facilitate sensitive, responsive designs that visualize properties holistically and pragmatically. Equally important, his firm also creates development plans to create open space, affordable and elder housing, adaptive re-use and cultural and business centers that help communities achieve a more sustainable built environment. Peter, a licensed architect and member of the American Institute of Architects, has served as a commissioner on the Historic District in Washington for over 17 years; as a Vice President of the Washington Environmental Council; as a Trustee of the Steep Rock Association; and as a Trustee and Building Commission Chair of the Washington Art Association. You can check out his many awards and other community contributions, as well as examples of his work and philosophy, on his website: www.petertalbotarchitects.com With his proven concern for maintaining a balanced relationship between conservation and development, his special understanding of the relationship between town centers and open spaces and the ingredients required for creating viable, enriching communities that respect economic, housing, and environmental concerns, we know that Peter's experience, expertise, and enduring vision will add important insight into helping us prevent preventable problems and solve those inevitable problems that must be solved. Welcome Peter! WDTC SUB-COMMITTEES: A GREAT WAY TO GET INVOLVED! The WDTC meets at least once a month, on the fourth Thursday, at 7:30 P.M., usually in Bryan Memorial Town Hall (downstairs). Meetings are always open to the public. Our meeting agenda generally includes reports from our various subcommittees the real working parts of the full Committee apparatus. They meet on their own schedules during the month, depending on the projects they are pursuing. These eight standing sub-committees are the backbone of how we get things done. Becoming a member of one or more of these sub-committees is a satisfying and important way to participate in our community, meet and make new neighbors and friends, and protect and preserve our Democratic values. For information on what each sub-committee does, go to ABOUT US, click on How We Do It, then decide where you can, as a volunteer, add the most value. Join us! You'll have fun while contributing to the important work we have to do! Executive Committee Membership Committee Program Committee Search Committee Communications Committee Government Liaison Committee Fundraising Committee Campaign Committee WDTC HONORS THE MEMORY OF DOROTHY HILL The WDTC noted with sadness the March 27th passing of Dorothy Hill, wife of the late Elmer Hill, Jr. A life-long resident of Washington, Dorothy was much loved by her community, where she served on the board of the Inlands and Wetlands Commission and participated in many local activities and events. Dorothy was a communicant of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and a member of the Women's Guild and the choir. She leaves two sons, four daughters, two brothers, and their families all in all 15 grandchildren, six great grandchildren, 19 nieces and nephews. She loved people and everyone loved her. A WDTC donation has been made to the Washington Fire Department to honor her memory. BUILDING A DATABASE OF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES Email your address to the WDTC at Contact Us. We continue to build a contact database of all Democrats in the community that will enable us to keep in touch with you on important issues and initiatives quickly and more effectively! Attention All 2012 ELECTION VOLUNTEERS! Visit our website for Updates on News & Issues that affect the Democratic Party and our community, especially campaign developments and opportunities to volunteer. We need your participation and help: there will be much to do as the months roll on to the November elections. Thank You!!!