Washington, CT

November 2017 Local Elections

We did it! We won every single candidate in every single race we were running. Everyone involved deserves an enormous thank you and a huge pat on the back. This happened because we had great candidates willing to run, we had great donors willing to contribute, we had great volunteers willing to work tirelessly to pull this off, but most importantly it happened because YOU came out to vote. Not only did we win, but we won BIG. We won the Board of Finance by 84%. We won the Zoning Commission vacancy by 79%, and we won the Zoning Board of Appeals by 60%. Today we can celebrate, but tomorrow we start to focus on 2018. We're not missing a beat, and we're going to be identifying candidates for every local position up in 2018. Reach out to us to put your names forward, to volunteer, to join our committees and subcommittees. If we can do what we did this year, then we can do some amazing things for our town and our region next year! Thanks for all you do. Kevin Comer, DTC Chairperson