Washington, CT

Who We Are

WDTC members are your friends and neighbors. We bump into you at the post office; ask the same how-to questions you do at Washington Supply and worry the same as you do about whether our roofs will leak when the snow piles up.

We run the gamut of Washingtonians: from weekender to ninth-generation resident; senior citizen to single mom; worker to retiree; parent concerned about quality education to senior worried about rising property taxes.

But one thing unites us all: We love this town. We trust its citizens. We admire its spirit of volunteerism. We respect its history and traditions. We value its participatory democracy, its town meetings, its passionate debates. We even relish its occasional tempest in a teapot! And, yes, like you, we prize our town's beauty: its streams and lakes, hills and valleys, woods and open meadows.

Committee Members

Do let us know if you are interested in joining the Washington Democratic Town Committee. Join us at our next monthly meeting (the fourth Thursday of every month) to learn more about us and see what happens when we all work together to identify and solve problems facing Washington. We meet at 7:00 pm in a meeting room of Town Hall.

We'd love to have you become a part of making the Democratic Town Committee a vital force for Democratic values in our community as a volunteer or member of the Committee!

Janet Hill, Chair

Alan Fox, Vice Chair

Henrietta Small, Treasurer

Judith Gorra, Secretary

Valerie Anderson

Jane Boyer (emerita)

Matt Cain

Tim Fenton

Robyn Gray

Richard Heffernon

Carol Matteo

Shane Mongar

Marie Pettibone

Mary Weber