Washington, CT

Where We Stand

We are proud to be Democrats.

Our slogan this year is “Proud to be a Democrat.” Among the many issues we feel passionately
about, we are highlighting the following in our 2023 election campaign:

Fighting for Democracy.  Recognizing that every local, state, and national elected position is important in maintaining our Democracy, we are dedicated to electing Democrats at all levels of government.  We support the national Democratic platform.

Vibrant Town. We are committed to finding ways to ensure that young families can move to Washington without encountering economic hardship.   Options include more affordable housing, assistance in first home purchases, commitment to education, assistance in starting and operating small businesses, and sponsoring immigrants and refugees.  We support the Housing and Zoning Commissions’ efforts to provide for housing diversity and multifamily housing opportunities in Town.  We will continue to support the Washington Community Housing Trust.

Fiscal Responsibility. We fully endorse the way the Town of Washington manages our tax dollars and we promote continued responsibility and transparency in all fiscal matters. We encourage citizens to attend Board of Selectman and Board of Finance meetings for greater insight and input on Town financial matters. We support greater accountability about, and insight into, town hall operations and staffing.

Modern Infrastructure. We are committed to ensuring our roads and bridges are well-maintained, and our road maintenance department has the right equipment for optimal operations. We think it is critical that we make investments in broadband, 5G, and Wifi throughout Town to keep pace with evolving consumer and business communication needs.  We encourage the adoption of townwide limited impact development (LID) regulations.

Human Rights.  We are repulsed by the racist words of presidential candidates Trump and DeSantis and the complicity of the Republican establishment. We are working to ensure the rights and respect for all people and understand that in this polarized time, we must explicitly reinforce our support for immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people of color, and people of all religions. We believe women’s rights are civil rights and that a woman’s right to choose must be protected.  We support more effective gun control laws.  We stand together!

Environmental Resiliency. We are committed to ensuring that environmental issues are at the top of any agenda, and we encourage active recycling, alternative energy use, efforts to keep our water clean, and we support our town parks, hiking trails, farms, and wetlands and watercourses.  We support the fine work being done by the Washington Environmental Council and the Sustainability Committee.   To help address the climate change crisis, as Democrats we support an environmentally sound policy of sustainability for our open space, farmland, and recreational areas and concur with the Governor’s goal of being a carbon neutral town by 2040.

Informed and Active Citizens. We remain committed to maximizing voter knowledge and turnout, and we actively work to ensure that all Town governing bodies are fully staffed with passionate citizen volunteers.  In 2018 Washington earned the state’s Democracy Cup for the highest percentage (88%) voter turnout among Connecticut’s small towns.  To that end, we are committed to a transparent government, equitable access to voting for all eligible residents, and civility in interacting with those who do not share our views.

Economic Prosperity.  We are committed to ensuring that all citizens can contribute to Washington’s smart and sustainable growth. That means removing friction from small business operations, keeping a low mill rate, attracting more people to Town, providing programs to support young families, and making infrastructure investments. We support the work of the Economic Development Committee and its Director.  We acknowledge the value that second home owners contribute and encourage work to understand how best to serve that community.  We pledge to continue our support of the Washington-Warren Food Bank.

Education. We view thriving education institutions – both private and public—as fundamental to life and prosperity in Washington. We are thrilled with the early promise of the new Agriscience program at Shepaug and believe we should actively work to ensure its continuing success.   We understand that a dynamic Washington primary school is essential to attracting and retaining young families and we support a broad range of early learning opportunities for our children.

Seniors and Volunteers—We admire the contribution that our seniors make to town life and we support investments to ensure their vibrancy, including a new community/senior center, accessible and affordable housing downtown, and access to affordable in-home care. We support measures to ensure that our emergency medical and fire volunteers have the support and means to carry out their excellent work.

A Great Place to Live. We embrace the unique culture of Washington and are working to ensure that all institutions such as Steep Rock, the Washington Art Association, the farmers market, the Judy Black Park, the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum, houses of worship, the Town beach, athletic programs, and performing arts groups are fully supported by the Town. We endorse smart zoning that preserves the historic and rural nature of Washington, while ensuring that commercial activity can thrive.