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WDTC Resolution

WDTC Resolution On Economic Justice

The Washington Democratic Town Committee has approved and adopted a Resolution On Economic Justice following the example set by the
Democratic Town Committee in Kent, Connecticut. Although we do not expect any immediate legislative responses to our and other Town Committees' adopting this Resolution, we feel it is an important symbolic statement of our values and the standards of fiduciary responsibility we
expect from our government and its elected officials.


ADOPTED by the Washington CT
Democratic Town Committee

Over the past three decades officials of both political parties in each branch of our government have succeeded in creating an environment that favors moneyed interests over the needs of the middle class and the poor. Weakened oversight has allowed powerful financial institutions to bankrupt large sections of our economy, depriving people of their homes and jobs, their health care and pensions. The result is the distortion of our society into one that now suffers the severest disparity of wealth in the industrialized world.

A major source of this problem is the unwillingness of legislators to resist both the corrupting benefits of corporate campaign funding and the lucrative employment as lobbyists awaiting them upon their retirement from public office.

As Democrats we condemn those Republicans complicit, and those members of our own party in the White House and in Congress who, by undermining the legitimacy of our democratic process, have cooperated in the destruction of the security and well-being of our fellow citizens. Therefore,


THAT the Washington, Connecticut, Democratic Town Committee (WDTC) supports ongoing investigations by the Department of Justice into the financial collapse of 2008 in order to expose the root causes of the collapse, and develop meaningful regulatory reform and accountability to prevent any similar reoccurrence of such an event;

THAT the Bush era tax cuts for Americans earning over $250,000 annually be finally and
permanently repealed;

THAT no President, Vice-President, or any federal appointee to the executive or legislative branch of government be permitted to work as a lobbyist or sit on a corporate board of directors for a period of five years after leaving public office;

THAT all elections to federal office be exclusively publicly funded;

THAT federal legislators work fairly and with bipartisan cooperation to guarantee access to health care for every American.

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