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Selectman: Jay Hubelbank

I am 61 years old, was born in Connecticut, and grew up New Jersey. I moved to Washington in 1978 with my wife Laurie. We have been married for 40 years. Laurie retired recently after teaching in Oxford, Connecticut for 38 years. She is currently a volunteer at the Gunn Library and working as a private tutor.

Laurie and I have two children, Jenna and Emily. Both girls graduated from Shepaug, and then from Northeastern University and New York University respectively.

While a resident of Washington, I served on the Region 12 Board of Education for sixteen years, with two years as the Chair. I also volunteered as a softball coach for five years and as a Brownie leader for two years.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in History and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of New Haven. For the last 25 years I have been a school Business Manager working at Education Connection in Litchfield, Easton, Redding and Region 9, Bethel, Region 14, and am now back at Education Connection.

In my capacity as a Business Manager I have been responsible for developing and managing budgets totaling over $35 million dollars. I have been directly involved in presenting the budgets to the public and responding to questions and concerns. Once the budget is approved, it is my job to make sure the funds are spent as approved, and to regularly report to the BOE the status of the budget at any given time during the year.

In addition to the financial duties, I am also responsible for maintaining facilities, and for all facets of human resources.

In the facility area, I have been involved in planning and managing building projects. I also have evaluated facility needs and developed 5-year capital plans to address those needs. I oversee the day to day facility needs including developing bids for services, and contracting with a variety of vendors.

In the Human Resources area I have negotiated contracts with unions, and non-union employees, and written contracts and employee handbooks. I have negotiated health insurance contracts, as well as property and liability insurance, including worker's compensation. I attend unemployment compensation hearings and address any other legal issues related to employees.

Board of Finance: John Boyer

John Boyer was first introduced to Washington in 1959, having just become engaged to Jane (then) Rouillion. They were married in Washington in 1960. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Jack practiced law as a partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft in New York City. He was active in the Lexington Democratic Club. In 1987, he and Jane moved fulltime into the Washington home they had built in 1974.

The Washington Community Housing Trust, formed by local clergy in 1987, has been a main focus of Jack's volunteer work. He served as its first President and as a Trustee to date. He was elected to the Board of Finance in 1988 and is still a member. He has chaired the Democratic Town Committee and was President of the Washington Club from 1988 to 1992.

"My great satisfaction with living in Washington," says Jack, "is the pace of life, knowing most all your neighbors, and sharing the land with the turkeys, deer, geese, and an occasional fox. We need to keep the Town vibrant by attracting artists, entrepreneurs, and writers and providing housing that our teachers and emergency service folks can afford."

Zoning Commissioner: Ralph Averill

Ralph Averill's roots in Washington run deep. He has life-long memories of Washington as a sleepy little farm town, back when he spent summers here visiting the Averill Farm, his family's 18th Century "homestead." He grew up in Unionville and Hamden, CT, and Woodbridge, N.J., and went to high school in White Plains, N.Y. In 2003, after thirty years in San Francisco, Ralph "came home" to Washington to care for his parents, and because "Washington and the farm had always meant so much to me."

Ralph works full time as an electrician. In 2005 he was elected to the Washington Zoning Commission. "I think the greatest challenge facing Washington is how to preserve our beautiful rural environment while, at the same time, maintaining the town as a place where a vibrant middle class can grow."

Zoning Commissioner Alternate: Michael Sivick

Mike Sivick was born in New Milford, where he lived until building his home in Washington ten years ago. Michael and his wife, Leah Chapin Sivick, a Washington native, have two sons. Cade attends Washington Primary School and Tagan is in preschool. Michael works for the Kent Highway Department. He is a member of the Kent Volunteer Fire Department.

Michael has followed local politics for the past several years. Michael is interested in supporting Washington's small town spirit and increasing participation in local government by his peers. As a young person raising a family in town, he realizes the importance of having a voice. He would like to help his peers realize the significance of decisions made at the local level. "As the number of students in the public school continues to decline, the future of the town is in jeopardy. By increasing the number of families with children and restoring balance, we will have a vibrant and active community for years to come."

Zoning Board of Appeals: Mary (Polly) Roberts (Incumbent)

Polly has lived in Washington with her husband, Rex Swain, since 1986. She has been a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for 18 years and currently serves as Chairman. She works as an interior decorator, Web site developer, and writer. "As development pressures increase and land use issues become more complicated, it's ZBA's job to balance between our Town's excellent zoning regulations and the rights of property owners. We work with applicants to arrive at solutions that are in harmony with the intent of our zoning regulations. I love Washington and am glad to have the opportunity to serve the Town."

Zoning Board of Appeals: Todd Catlin (Incumbent)

Todd has lived in Washington full time since 2002. He joined the ZBA as an alternate in 2004 and became a full- time member in 2007. He was elected vice chairman in 2011. Todd spent many years in the fine art and design world. He is now pursuing a Masters in Social work at UCONN. Todd also sits on the Steep Rock Association board.

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: Joan Kaplan (Incumbent)

As a weekender in Washington (1987-2001), I grew to appreciate and relish the quiet charm of Washington, its deep roots in American cultural history (my academic focus as a graduate student at Yale), and the warmth of all those I was fortunate enough to meet and enjoy as new acquaintances and friends.

For me Washington was, and remains, an idyllic piece of heaven, a haven very much like the rural community I grew up in on the North Shore of Long Island. Nature, peace, tranquility, room to think and pause, interesting people and opportunities to socialize in a more relaxed way than one does in the city were enormously appealing. My only regret was that professional obligations and responsibilities prevented me from actually contributing to the community. This lack of time was particularly disappointing to me as I was always deeply involved in non-profit volunteer activities in the city. I vowed then that if I were ever fortunate enough to move back to Washington, civic involvement would be among my primary goals.

Now, back as a full-timer, I currently serve on the Boards of the Washington Democratic Town Committee and the Washington Scholarship Foundation, and as an Alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals. I have brought to Connecticut Money Matters for Women, a company I began in 2008 in New York that delivers educational seminars on financial literacy.

Issues concerning the preservation of the essential qualities that make Washington the unique community it is and what we love about it often confront the idea of progress and how we define that for all of us living here. Maintaining the character of Washington, yet being open to appropriate change, is a challenge that we need to meet with concern, compassion, and a respect for established rules and protocols. There is genuine pleasure is seeing neighbors and friends working at the local, most immediate and personal level, for the benefit of their community. I'm thrilled to be a member of the WDTC and committed to building strong, active, and focused efforts to sustain Democrat values and visions to the community.

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