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Stay Informed

Two good ways to keep up on local issues are visiting the Town's Web site and reading local newspapers. Most of those listed below have online editions, making access to their information faster and easier. All the newspapers have online editions and several publish legally required town notices.

Web site. At the Town's official Web site, www.washingtonct.org, you will find the meeting schedules and recorded minutes of the Town’s important boards and commissions—such as the Board of Finance, the Zoning Commission, the Inland Wetlands Commission, and the Planning Commission. You can sign up to receive e-mail alerts about important upcoming Town Meetings.

Local newspapers. Local events and developments are regularly covered in the local newspapers.

Litchfield County Times
This is a weekly newspaper which includes some Washington coverage.

This is a twice-weekly newspaper, which covers most important Town Meetings, commission hearings, and elections.

Washington Town Guide
This is an annual booklet, published by Voices (above), which offers a quick primer on how the Town operates; a who's who of its key officers and employees, along with their photographs. Ideal for newcomers to town.

Washington Times
This is the Town’s official newsletter, which is published quarterly.

Statewide newspapers. Three worth following are:

Waterbury Republican American
Daily, with frequent coverage of local politics, albeit through a Republican editorial lense.

Hartford Courant

Housatonic Times

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