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[5] Join the WDTC

You can usually tell where a meeting of the Washington Democratic Town Committee (WDTC) is being held. Invariably, it's in whichever room all the noise is coming from! We talk a lot--maybe too much; we argue; we fight; we laugh out loud. We're like any good dysfunctional family. That's what makes our work so much fun.

Seriously, though, we are always looking for committed Democrats to join us and help work for more progressive, visionary, and responsible government here in Washington. Whether you are a seasoned political pro or just an enthusiastic neophyte, we have a place for you, working among us, to improve the way our Town is run.

Here are some of the activities you may get involved in as a WDTC member:
· Organize fundraising events;
· Write & design campaign brochures;
· Host a “meet & greet” for candidates;
· Work at the polls on Election Day;
· Write press releases;
· Stuff envelopes, work the phones, and knock on doors;
· Help get out the vote on Election Day;
· Advocate the Democratic position at Town Meetings and hearings;
· Contribute your ideas to update our party platform;
· Meet and question candidates for state and national office;
· Seek out and vet candidates for local government; and
· Monitor and maintain this Web site.

Responsibilities of WDTC Membership

The members of the Washington Democratic Town Committee (WDTC) advocate Democratic Party principles in pursuit of progressive, responsive government on the municipal, state, and national levels. We recruit as new members committed Washington Democrats who will, at a minimum, pledge to:

  • Attend all scheduled WDTC meetings (unless granted an excused absence by the Secretary);

  • Work on at least one WDTC committee

  • Explore issues to help the WDTC better articulate its policy and campaign positions

  • Recruit new members for the WDTC, as well as qualified candidates for elective and appointive offices, boards, and commissions in Washington

  • Help Democratic Party candidates with election campaign activities by accompanying candidates, working on mailings, and helping to get out the vote

  • Attend candidate events and campaign fundraising events

  • Donate financially to support WDTC operations (an annual voluntary donation is suggested)

  • Resign as an active member of the WDTC if circumstances prevent carrying out these responsibilities over an extended period of time.

Apply for WDTC Membership

If you are interested in applying for membership in the WDTC, you can apply on-line or download forms to fill out and mail to us:

To apply on-line, fill out these forms:
Membership Application Online Form
Skills and Interests Questionnaire

Or download our Membership Application Package including the "Skills and Interests" Questionnaire. Fill them out and mail them in to us.

Or just Contact Us, and ask for more information about joining. We'd like to get to know you better.

Membership Responsibilities
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