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Attend Public Meetings

One of the best ways to become an informed voter on local issues is to attend Town Meetings and other public hearings. Washington is among the small number of Connecticut towns that are governed by Town Meetings, where Washington taxpayers form the Town’s legislative body. At these Town Hall meetings, many key issues are debated and voted on, such as adoption of new Town ordinances; amendments to existing ones; and special funding appropriations for items not included in the budget.

Go to the Town’s Web site (www.washingtonct.org) and sign up to receive e-mail alerts about upcoming Town Meetings. Often, momentous Town issues are resolved by a vote of fewer than 100 citizens. Join in and become one of those legislators!

At the Town’s Web site, you can also find the meeting schedules and recorded minutes of the Town’s important boards and commissions—such as the Board of Finance, the Zoning Commission, the Inland Wetlands Commission, and the Planning Commission.

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