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Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Democratic Town Committee (WDTC) transcends the conventional role of a political party, which focuses on energizing its base, getting out the vote, and electing a winning slate of candidates.  We seek to be a progressive force for change in our Town of Washington.  We are not content with government “as it has always been,” when the demographics, economics, and the very culture of Washington are all shifting year by year.  We believe in shaping our Town’s future by coming to grips with where it is, how it got here, and where it’s heading.

To realize this mission, we pledge ourselves to:

  • Elect candidates for municipal, state and national office, who share our vision of government as a force for bettering the lives of its citizenry;

  • Maintain open and positive communication between Town government and Washington’s citizens;

  •  Insist on accessibility and the highest ethical standards on the part of our public officials;

  • Protect for future generations the land, water, and air of our community;

  • Ensure the highest quality of education for our children;

  •  Control the tax burden on our citizens and balance growth and the cost of Town services;

  •  Lead the public exploration of issues important to our Town by advocating positions that are true to our Party’s principles; and

  •  Exhort our fellow Democrats to volunteer and play an active role in directing where our Town will go in the years to come.
If we are true to our mission, we believe that our Party will serve the best interests of the Town of Washington.

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