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How We Do It

The Committee as a whole meets at least once a month,  on the fourth Thursday, at 7:00 PM, usually in Bryan Memorial Town Hall (downstairs).  Our agenda generally includes reports from our various subcommittees.  They are the real working parts of the full Committee apparatus; they meet on their own schedules during the month, depending on the projects they are pursuing.


            The eight main subcommittees of the WDTC are:


            [1] Executive Committee.  The executive committee is composed of the four officers of the WDTC: the chair (currently, two co-chairs), vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary.  The executive committee maps out the overall direction of the WDTC and establishes goals to be achieved each year.  The chair and vice-chair are ex officio members of all the other subcommittees.


            [2] Membership Committee.  This subcommittee is responsible for seeking out, meeting, and interviewing Washington Democrats, who might be interested in joining--and have some talent or resources to offer to--the WDTC.  If a prospect is recommended for membership, they are invited to meet the full Committee, which then votes on their admission. (To find out how the subcommittee appraises prospective members click here.)


            [3] Program Committee.  This subcommittee plans political events involving Democratic candidates, such as gubernatorial, senatorial, or congressional forums.  It also lines up candidates, speakers, and officials to visit WDTC monthly meetings and answer questions from Committee members.


            [4] Search Committee.  This subcommittee conducts an ongoing outreach program in search of prospective candidates for local elective and appointive office. (To find out more about how the subcommittee appraises prospective candidate  click here.)


            [5] Communications Committee.  This subcommittee is responsible for communications with WDTC members, all Washington Democrats, and sometimes the entire town.  It maintains this Web site and issues press releases concerning WDTC events, actions, and positions.


            [6] Government Liaison Committee.  This subcommittee maintains contacts with municipal, state, and national government bodies and officials.  It reports back to the full Committee on actions or positions being taken at various levels of government, which the Committee may wish to respond to or support.

            [7]  Fundraising Committee.  This subcommittee is responsible for soliciting donations and sponsoring fund-raising events.

            [8] Campaign Committee.  As election season approaches, this ad hoc subcommittee forms to organize and direct the WDTC's campaign efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates.


When new members join the WDTC, they choose or are assigned to a subcommittee (or subcommittees) where their skills, interests, and experience can be put to best use.

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