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Welcome to the website of the Washington Democratic Town Committee. We are the official body of the Washington Democratic Party, representing the registered Democrats of the Town of Washington. Our mission is:

To select party-endorsed candidates for municipal offices and delegates to state and district conventions of the Democratic Party of Connecticut

To support the principles of the Democratic Party

To promote the candidacies of the nominees of the Democratic Party for municipal, district, state, and national elective public office,

To ensure all Washington Democrats have the opportunity to participate fully in the electoral process, by giving them information and assistance in the exercise of their voting rights.

We invite you to become actively involved in Washington’s Democratic Party. All of our DTC meetings and all of our Democratic events are open to the public. All of these are announced on our website. We hope you will work together with us to support Democratic principles, elect Democratic candidates and help keep Washington a great place to live and work!

Our party welcomes your ideas and input. We would like to hear from you.

The Washington Democratic Committee meets at 7:00 PM on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Bryan Memorial Town Hall.

New Year’s Message- January, 2017

On behalf of the Washington Democratic Town Committee, I want to wish everyone well in the new year. A year ago, none of us would have predicted the political circumstances in which we find ourselves. The behavior of the President Elect is extreme by any standard, from his defense of Russia’s involvement in our election to the promotion of a politics of hatred toward immigrants, women and others. How does this happen? The working class feels like it has no more to give. It is tuition poor, mortgage poor, health insurance poor. After they have paid their property tax and their health insurance they have no more to give and the dominant emotions they feel now are anger at the political system. Because of this, many were delivered right into the hands of a demagogue full of false promises. The working class was used by the far right and turned against each other. In order to make the working class feel good, the President Elect blamed other Americans for their problems. They turned their hostility against people of color. They turned their hostility against immigrants. They turned their hostility toward women.

As Democrats it is time to step out of our comfort zone and resist both policy roll backs and threats to our civil liberties. While the first resistance type of resistance is political, the second has nothing to do with partisanship. That is why we should enter into conversation with Republicans of like minds to defend the core tenets of our democracy. Therefore, I invite all town citizens of like mind to sit down together with us and engage in an honest assessment of our economic, political and social situation. We need a new language, a new approach and even new attitudes. The transformation of culture and community needs to start at the grassroots level. We need a new local, state and national navigational chart.

This year, we need to resolve to do three things. First, we have no choice than to become resistors. We need to be a true opposition party and keep the Republican Party honest. But we also need to work across the aisle with Republicans who have true concern for how Trump plans on governing and make sure there are consequences attached to his behavior. Second, we need to take pride in the fact that we are the party that empowers people and we need to take next steps to re-imagine what it means to be a Democrat. We need to actively engage in conversations that re-affirm our commitment to civil rights, civil liberties, the environment, and most of all, equality and human dignity and strategize how we can take the side of individuals against a powerful propaganda machine. We need to do this by bringing people together from different walks of life and engaging in true collaboration so that we can tap into a collective intelligence. Bringing disparate viewpoints together makes the analysis stronger. Finally, we need to grow leadership from the grassroots. We don’t need to rely on our Presidents or Congressmen for leadership. We need to decide that we have power and live it. That leadership has to come from people in our small communities across the country. We can create a new vision for America in Washington, CT just as we might in Washington, DC. So, I challenge all of us to step up to the challenge presented by this troubling new Administration and take back our power. It’s time to re-group and resume the mission. Let’s get to work.

Kerry McKeon

In memory of Frances Owles

Our Washington Democratic Town Committee is deeply saddened by the passing of our long-time member and Treasurer Frances Owles. Frances died unexpectedly on October 31, 2016 at age 73. She had spent many years as a copy editor at Fortune magazine in New York City and later lived in Washington, CT. Frances was committed to our community in so many ways. She loved our town and in her biography on our website she said: “I love living on and working the land in this small town. It makes me feel deeply connected, offering me friendship when I want it and the freedom to vanish into the solitude of Steep Rock when I wish to step away.” Our membership will miss her kindness, her dedication to our cause, and most of all, her friendship. Our thoughts are with her son, Christopher, his family, and her siblings.

Election Results 2016

The election results for the town of Washington:


D Clinton and Kaine 1,242 59.65%
R Trump and Pence 738 35.45%
L Johnson and Weld 57 2.74%
G Stein and Baraka 41 1.97%

U.S. Senate

D Richard Blumenthal 1,228 59.58%
R Dan Carter 697 33.82%
WF Richard Blumenthal 87 4.22%
L Richard Lion 20 0.97%
G Jeffery Russell 29 1.41%

Representative in Congress 5th District

D Elizabeth Esty 1,210 59.34%
R Clay Cope 722 35.41%
WF Elizabeth Esty 76 3.73%
I Clay Cope 31 1.52%

State Senator 32

D Greg Cava 1,019 51.41%
R Robert J. Kane 908 45.81%
WF Greg Cava 55 2.77%

State Representative 69

R Arthur O'Neill 1,216 100.00%

Registrar of Voters- Washington

R Diane N. Chase 1,207 100.00%

The Lyceum Movement

The lyceum movement, an early form of adult education, flourished in the Northeast and the Midwest of the United States from the early 19th century until the early 20th century. The first lyceum was founded in 1826 in Millbury, Massachusetts by Josiah Holbrook, a teacher and lecturer from Derby, Connecticut. The movement was named for the place where Aristotle lectured the youth of ancient Greece. The American lyceums were led by local associations and gave people the opportunity to hear debates and lectures on topics of current interest. The first lyceums were local ventures with speakers supplied by the community, but later became professional speaker circuits with the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau and Susan B. Anthony presenting. The lyceum system served as a platform for the discussion of scientific techniques, religion, politics, and other scholarly endeavors.

In the current political climate it is imperative for organizations, such as our Democratic Town Committee, to encourage community conversations about matters of public concern. For that reason, in the new year, we will resurrect the lyceum concept and organize gatherings to bring to light issues which are relevant to the direction of our democracy. We hope you will join us for these community conversations. More information will be forthcoming.


The strength of Democratic values in our community depends on the commitment and support of as many of us as possible. DO consider joining us at one of our monthly Washington Democratic Town Committee meetings, explore the website and learn about our platform and the current members of our Board. Talk to us, tell us what issues you are most concerned about, and discover ways in which you can be involved. Our success depends on your contributions of time, expertise, and commitment to having our voice and values represented in our town government.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for visiting the website of the Washington Democratic Town Committee (WDTC). We are the official, elected organization representing the Democratic Party in the Town of Washington.

Explore our website and you'll find out who we are, what we believe in, what we do, and how we do it. You'll learn how to register to vote; how to cast an absentee ballot; how to become active in Town government, and much, much more.

Most important, you'll discover that the natural beauty of our community is not the only thing that enriches our lives here in Washington: the heartbeat of our town is it's incomparable community spirit and the eager involvement of our families in the many activities, events, and organizations that are available to you.

The Washington Democratic Town Committee is one of those organizations: a group of dedicated volunteers who care about preserving and protecting the well being of this unique, historic piece of heaven right here on earth. We need everyone's involvement and help to succeed: think about how you can contribute your skills and expertise and join us at the WDTC.

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